Rudy Gobert Throws A Punch At His Teammate During A Timeout, Instantly Gets Tossed From Game


Seth Roy Contributor
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Rudy Gobert and Kyle Anderson of the Minnesota Timberwolves had to be separated Sunday following a physical altercation in a team huddle. 

Gobert and Anderson were seen arguing during a timeout when Gobert lunged at Anderson and punched him in his upper chest. Anderson then charged at Gobert but was restrained by his teammates.

Following the incident, the Timberwolves PR team tweeted Gobert was ruled out for the duration of the game. Anderson remained in the game. 

This is one of many black eyes for the NBA this season. On far too many occasions this year have there been physical altercations between opponents and — even worse — players from the same team. It all began during the preseason when four-time NBA champion Draymond Green punched his teammate Jordan Poole in his face and slumped him to the ground. 

On top of that horrific incident, Austin Rivers and Mo Bamba got into a chaotic fist fight in the middle of a game back in February. 

All-Star Donovan Mitchell and Dillon Brooks also got into a scuffle after Brooks swung his arm back and hit Mitchell below the belt. 

I’m not trying to judge these incidents since I wasn’t there and have no idea what was said, but when you have teammates of the same team trying to rip each other’s heads off in the middle of a game, you have problems. 

NBA teams coddle to players who don’t deserve the time of day and hand them millions of dollars just to be horrible role models for our youth. NBA superstar Ja Morant is the worst role model there is in the league. The two-time All-Star was touting a gun during an Instagram Live video back in March which led to his suspension. His scary Instagram Live video came days after he was accused of assaulting a teenager at his house over the summer and flashing a gun at him. (RELATED: LSU’s Angel Reese Walks Back Threat To Boycott The Biden White House)

Gobert throwing a punch at Anderson is just another example of why people are getting sick of the NBA. It can never just be about basketball. Whether it’s star players like LeBron James or Kyrie Irving getting fans ejected from the stands, or players getting into fights, there’s always something that supplants the play on the court. 

With that said, props to the Timberwolves for tossing Gobert out of the game. There’s just no room in professional sports for punching your own teammate. It’s embarrassing and a really bad look for the league. 

It goes without saying but Gobert punching Anderson certainly won’t help Minnesota’s team comradery heading into the playoffs.