‘1883’ Country Music Star Is Launching A Media Company For ‘Everyday Americans’

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Country music icon and star of “Yellowstone” spin-off “1883,” Tim McGraw is launching a Nashville-based media company, Deadline reported Thursday.

McGraw’s new venture, Down Home, is being backed by Skydance Media, and will be based out of the Tennessee city to work with those across various aspects of the entertainment and media industry, Deadline reported. Down Home will work in conjunction with McGraw’s management company, EM.Co, and social content studio Shareability.

He’ll launch Down Down with founder of Shareability, Tim Staples, and EM.Co’s Brian Kaplan will also be jumping in as another co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Deadline continued. The goal of the media company is to connect country music with a Hollywood audience.

The announcement couldn’t come at a better time. As the mainstream media sways further to the progressive left, real Americans are crying out for middle-of-the-road content that speaks to America’s core culture and values. And what says “America” better than country music?

Down Home will produce films, television shows, and other digital media to bring “relatable stories that capture the essence and spirit of everyday Americans,” Deadline continued. Emerging Nashville-based talent will also be able to get in on the work, as McGraw’s social content studio is being specifically designed to fill the gap where the mainstream entertainment industry lets down country demographics.

“Country music has always been about storytelling,” McGraw said of the venture, Deadline noted. “Our stories are honest vignettes of life and family and community. I think there’s a longing for that. For me, that’s Down Home. That’s how I grew up, those are the stories I like to tell, and that’s what I want our company to be about.”

It’s not like McGraw will be starved for fans or supporters of his work. He’s an icon in his own right, and appears to be universally beloved by everyone. His work could also really help country music artists who don’t get the same support from mainstream entertainment. (RELATED: Country Music’s Biggest Star Has A New Favorite Singer To Keep An Eye On)

For example, McGraw’s fellow country music star, Morgan Wallen, was viciously cancelled by the mainstream and remains a pariah to this day within the niche demographic of progressive stakeholders. Despite this, he’s the top selling artist in the country and has huge sway over young Americans.

As far as I’m aware, Wallen still hasn’t managed to get major representation or brand support. So hopefully McGraw’s goal of connecting musicians and Nashville talent with brands and other industries can fill the gap. A lot of major brands could make some huge money from partnerships with artists who represent true American values, and I hope they all do.