Mississippi State Names Its Bulldog Mascot After Dak Prescott

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is one of those moments that makes a star into a superstar.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott attended the Mississippi State Bulldogs spring game Saturday, and during halftime of the intrasquad contest, he received an honor from his alma mater.

But this wasn’t just any ordinary honor. No, no, no.

Mississippi State brought Prescott onto the field during halftime, and then formally announced that their English bulldog mascot, Jak, is heading into retirement. Replacing him is a new bulldog named Dak — yes, after the quarterback.

“How about it?” said Prescott, according to Mississippi State’s athletics website. “They’ve named the mascot after me, so I had to come back and see that … For the mascot of Mississippi State, of this university, to be named after me, it’s humbling. It’s something I hold very special to me.”

This is pretty cool.

Usually it’s insulting if somebody names a dog after you, but this isn’t your typical canine, this is the mascot of a university (Dak’s alma mater), so yeah, you definitely want this honor. (RELATED: Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins Reveals Where He May Want To Go Next If Arizona Cardinals Trade Him)

It’s a neat deal, which is exactly why Dak Prescott is all smiles about everything.