Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins Reveals Where He May Want To Go Next If Arizona Cardinals Trade Him

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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For the love of God, DeAndre. Don’t come to the AFC East — unless it’s my Dolphins, of course.

With the situation going on between wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and his current team of the Arizona Cardinals, it’s expected that Hopkins will eventually be traded, but at the moment, nothing has come together.

However, with everybody and their mother (and Hopkins himself) being aware of all of the chit-chat, he got involved with the fun himself. Well, kind of.

Hopkins appeared on the “All Things Covered” podcast and was asked about potential landing spots if he was indeed traded from the Cardinals, but there was a twist: He couldn’t say yes or no, but instead had to react with body language and facial expressions when a team was named.

Things began with the New England Patriots, which Hopkins wasn’t necessarily a fan of, however, he liked the next option of the Buffalo Bills. After that, the New York Jets were named, and just like the Patriots, Hopkins wasn’t feeling the vibe. Last, but certainly not least were the Kansas City Chiefs, who Hopkins was on board with.

If I was DeAndre Hopkins, the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets would be on the top of my list — the Chiefs for winning a Super Bowl, and the Jets (New York City) for marketing purposes.

But man… It would kind of suck leaving Arizona palm trees for cold weather. (RELATED: Joe Biden Shares Opinion On Football While In Ireland, Shows Why He’s Worst President In The History Of America)

Gotta do what ya gotta do though.