Video Shows Morgan Wallen Falling Hard While On Stage


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A video shared Friday by TMZ shows country music superstar Morgan Wallen falling hard while performing on stage in Louisville, Kentucky.

Wallen was performing at the KFC Yum! Center on Thursday night in the latest stop on his “One Thing At A Time” tour, TMZ reported. Wallen was in the middle of performing his hit song “Heartless,” one of the last songs in his set, when he took the pretty brutal tumble.

TMZ suggested that Wallen fell because he couldn’t quite see where he was going because the stage was filled with smoke during the performance. Video footage shows Wallen walking out into the smoke, and then disappearing entirely from view.

He then managed to get back up, awkwardly, and appeared to continue with the song while grabbing the hands of fans in the audience. TMZ noted that despite falling butt-over-brain, Wallen literally didn’t miss a single beat of the song.

A similar incident occurred during Wallen’s summer “Dangerous” tour in 2022 when opening act Kameron Marlowe took a nose-dive off the stage. Marlowe was largely uninjured after the incident, joking later “that’s why it’s called the ‘Dangerous’ tour.” (RELATED: The Music Industry Will Hate How Much Sway Morgan Wallen Has Over Young Americans)

Wallen is in the midst of the biggest moment in his career thus far. He’s broken record after record for his music, just signed his first major brand deal since almost being cancelled, and is young America’s favorite artist.