14-Year-Old In Custody After Allegedly Stealing School Bus, Attempting To Run Someone Over

[Screenshot/YouTube/WKRN News 2]

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A 14-year-old Tennessee boy is in custody after allegedly stealing a school bus, driving it around Nashville and on a local interstate over the weekend and nearly running over a bystander at a gas station, police said Sunday.

According to police officials, the unnamed 14-year-old boy allegedly stole a school bus from Kipp College Prep Saturday before taking it on a “reckless” journey through West Nashville and onto Interstate 40, a press release from the Metro Nashville Police Department stated.

During his joyride, the teen allegedly struck a diesel pump at a gas station and nearly hit a pedestrian with the bus before winding up on the interstate and striking a car. Police officials pursued the bus on the interstate at speeds of 60-65 mph before deploying a spike strip. As the teen moved to avoid the spike strip and slowed the bus, officers were able to approach the vehicle and break out the glass from the door, taking the driver as he attempted to turn the bus around. Officers were then able to take the teen into custody, the press release stated. (RELATED: REPORT: 13-Year-Old Takes Car Out For ‘Joyride’, Allegedly Kills A Grandmother And Her Granddaughter)

The 14-year-old teen is currently in custody facing multiple charges including vehicle theft, aggravated assault, evading arrest, reckless driving, driving without a license, leaving the scene of a crash, and failure to report a crash, the release stated.