‘It Fetishizes Everything’: Cillian Murphy Talks About His Disdain For Fame

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous actor Cillian Murphy is preparing for the release of his highly anticipated movie “Oppenheimer,” but he’s definitely not looking forward to all the attention about to come his way.

Murphy has starred in several major roles, including as Thomas Shelby in the hit series “Peaky Blinders” and as Scarecrow in “Batman.” He’s accustomed to handling the media frenzy that comes along with being famous, but he’d rather do without all the fuss, according to a recent interview with Rolling Stone. “It can ruin experiences, because it fetishizes everything,” the actor said. “You can be walking down the street and someone takes a picture like this is a fucking event. It kind of destroys nuance and human behavior, but that’s part and parcel of it,” he said.

Murphy has a very reluctant relationship with the press. He says he understands the necessity to promote his projects, but still isn’t fond of publicity.

“I don’t really partake. I don’t go out. I’m just at home mostly, or with my friends, unless I have a film to promote. I don’t like being photographed by people. I find that offensive,” he told Rolling Stone.

Murphy said he wished that people would focus on his work rather than on him personally.

“Fame is like commuting. You have to commute to get to your destination,” he said.

The actor added that he believes that fame is a byproduct of his love for his work, which he believes comes before trying to get famous.

“I think that’s the way the best people are: they’re not doing it for any other reason but love of the craft. They have a compulsion to make work, not to be famous or get attention,” he said, giving a nod to actors Kerry Condon and Barry Keoghan, who share a similar view of fame.

He then explained how he mutes his own celebrity status.

“Fame evaporates with regularity,” Murphy said. “I’m around here all the time and no one gives a fucking shit,” he said, in reference to the restaurant where he was being interviewed. (RELATED: Cillian Murphy Reveals The One Lead Role He Was Secretly ‘Desperate’ To Play)

“Nobody cares.”

“I go to the shop. It dissipates. But if … one of the guys from Succession walked in here, I’d be all intimidated and shaky. When you’re confronted with someone you’ve invested a lot in, or you think is amazing, the encounter is strange,” he admitted.