DeSantis Argues Military ‘Has Become Politicized’ With Focus On ‘Gender Ideology’

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Presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis argued that the military is too “woke” in his first interview since launching his presidential campaign.

DeSantis told “Fox News Tonight” host Trey Gowdy that the military has gone in the wrong direction under the Biden Administration and needs an ideological overhaul. He argued that it is focused on divisive cultural issues. (RELATED: DeSantis Defends Error-Filled Twitter Campaign Launch: ‘We Had A Huge Audience’)

First I think what we need to do as a veteran is to recognize that our military has become politicized. You talk about gender ideology, you talk about things like global warming that they’re somehow concerned — and that’s not a military that I served in,” DeSantis said. “We need to return our military to focusing on commitment, focusing on the core values, and the core mission. That would be something that I could take care of on day one.” 

DeSantis claimed that these ideological changes could lead to a surge in enlistments, because a “woke” military is undesirable to join.

The GOP presidential candidate also told Gowdy that he wants to see the Russia-Ukraine conflict end peacefully and not expand any further.

“In terms of what is going on over in Eastern Europe, you know I’d like to see a settlement of this. I do not want to see a wider war. I think that it’s completely unknowable what it will look like in January of 2025, but I would not want to see the United States with our troops get enmeshed in a war in Russia or in Ukraine,” DeSantis said.