Firefighters Rescue Hiker Stranded In Cave

(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Kevin Harness Contributor
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The Los Angeles Fire Department on Wednesday deployed air assets to rescue a hiker who was stranded in a cave in Bell Canyon.

The 34-year-old man became stranded in a remote area and reportedly could not get to his vehicle on his own, the LAFD stated in a release Wednesday. (RELATED: Couple Missing For 2 Days Die After Falling 100 Feet In National Park)

One rescuer was lowered via helicopter to the hiker’s location to make contact, but due to the hiker’s location, LAFD Air Ops could not perform a hoist rescue, according to the release.

Both the hiker and the rescuer were then able to get to higher ground, where they were hoisted up into the helicopter and dropped off near the hiker’s vehicle, local outlet KTLA reported.

The hiker did not sustain any injuries and he was able to return to his vehicle safely, according to KTLA.

Hikers should be advised that it is important to make sure that they have some way of contacting someone, such as a cellphone with service or a rescue beacon, in case they get injured or stranded, KTLA reported.

It is also important for hikers to let someone know where they are going and for how long, so they can notify authorities if something goes wrong, according to the outlet.