LaMelo Ball Somehow Makes A Flashy Watch Ugly

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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What a waste of flash.

It’s no secret that Charlotte Hornets superstar LaMelo Ball is a fan of “Bling Bling” (I couldn’t help but make a Cash Money Records reference there, forgive me). Having a collection of chains, bracelets and grills, Ball has spent easily over $500,000 on jewelry, and this includes dropping a smooth $150,000 on a UFO chain (yes, it actually looks like a UFO, and I personally think it’s mad cool).

Also, a part of Ball’s boujee collection is his watches. In fact, he even has his own signature watch line through Memorigin, which is a luxury watch brand based out of Hong Kong. And despite the watch being ferociously ugly, it costs a very pretty penny — $6,813 USD.

As you see, LaMelo has caused a ton of buzz (both good and bad) in the world of jewelry, but he’s now added a new piece to his collection, which happens to be another watch. To be exact, it’s a customized Cartier Santos de Cartier Chronograph, and though the real version is, well, not so pretty, Ball tried to flash it up.

…that attempt failed:

I get what LaMelo Ball was trying to do here because the original Cartier Santos de Cartier Chronograph is trash in my opinion. He was simply trying to flash it up, but the problem here is, he went extremely overboard.

Like, why do we have spikes on it?

He should’ve kept the original design and just put a bunch of diamonds and gold on it, that would’ve looked good, now it just looks deformed and tacky. (RELATED: Charles Barkley And Grant Hill Forced To Use Oxygen Masks To Combat Denver Altitude During NBA Finals Pregame Show)

When it comes to the bling game, LaMelo is definitely hit-and-miss, some of his stuff is actually pretty dope.

But this isn’t. Reconsider, chief.