‘Full Of It’: Jesse Watters Slams Rep. Jamie Raskin Over Comments On Biden Investigation

Screenshot/Rumble/Fox News

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Fox News host Jesse Watters slammed Democratic Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin for allegedly spreading “disinformation” regarding bribery allegations against then-Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday’s episode of “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

Watters also accused the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of peddling “disinformation” over the course of decades, while using a “gullible” media to push preferred narratives. The Fox News host claimed that the CIA evolved their tactics over time, and now uses members of Capitol Hill to mislead the public. Watters called out Raskin for being the intelligence agency’s “new patsy.” Watters accused Raskin of deliberately lying about bribery allegations tied to the Biden family. (RELATED: Sen. Grassley, Rep. Comer Demand FBI Record Alleging ‘Criminal Scheme’ Involving Then-VP Biden)

“And they found a new patsy. Jamie Raskin. When he’s not obsessing over January 6th or impeachment, Raskin’s become the mouthpiece for disinformation. Yesterday, Raskin was caught lying through his teeth about the Biden family’s alleged pay-to-play scheme that the FBI is covering up, telling the American people a legit allegation of bribery was debunked.”

Watters then played footage which shows Raskin claiming that the investigation was discredited and dropped.

“What I know is that the FBI, Department of Justice team under William Barr and Scott Brady in the Western District of Pennsylvania, terminated the investigation. They said there were no grounds for further investigative steps. So, they ended that,” Raskin said in the footage.

The Fox News host accused Raskin of deliberately lying, and stated that Barr actually “blew up” the bribery allegations into a bigger deal. He stated that a prosecutor in Delaware has the “bribe document” which allegedly implicates Biden in wrongdoing.

“Bill Barr, quite the name drop there, Raskin. Except for the fact that Barr says Raskin’s full of it. Speaking to The Federalist, Barr said, quote, ‘it’s not true. It wasn’t closed down. On the contrary, it was sent to Delaware for further investigation.’ Not only is Raskin full of it, but Barr actually blew this up. The Delaware prosecutor now has the bribe document, and his investigation is still active. So Joe Biden is running for re-election while being investigated for foreign bribery? Oh, and he’s also under a special counsel investigation for leaving his classified documents spread eagle all over Chinatown,” Watters said.

The FBI reportedly possesses a document which allegedly links Biden to a bribery scheme with a foreign national. Chair of the House Oversight Committee James Comer said on Monday that the probe into the allegations is “ongoing,” the New York Post reported.