Adam Silver Isn’t Buying Ja Morant’s Ridiculous Toy Gun Claim, Outright Clowns Him During Dan Patrick Interview

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Adam Silver earned so many cool points for this one.

A couple of days ago, a report came out that Memphis Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant is claiming that his scandalous second firearm video was actually him featured with a toy gun, rather than a real one. Well, NBA commissioner Adam Silver saw that nonsense along with the rest of us, and he ain’t buying it … just like the rest of us.

Silver appeared on “The Dan Patrick Show” for an interview Thursday, where the commissioner spoke about the latest news revolving around Morant — and this coming ahead of the NBA’s official announcement on Ja’s suspension.

Silver rejected Morant’s narrative that he was using a toy gun, citing the report from Claudia Jordan of “The Breakfast Club.” During Jordan’s radio segment, she said she got in contact with Morant’s team and that’s when they made the toy gun claim and also said they are expecting a suspension of 30 games. A previous report has Ja Morant being suspended for half of a regular season (41 games).

Silver was puzzled, asking Dan Patrick why on earth would you even wave a fake gun on Instagram Live — and he was speaking hypothetically — just a couple of months after putting yourself in hot water over a real one?

Fair question.

“It’s something that I’m thinking a lot about because—again,” said Silver, “I’m not going to get into the specifics of the investigation — but in fact if you are live-streaming something that to the world looks exactly like a gun in a frankly reckless manner, should it matter whether or not it’s a real gun?”

And then came an absolute gem.

At one point during the interview, Silver and Patrick were talking about the NBA’s problem with carries and calling travels. Taking the opportunity to do so, Silver then got comical about Morant, completely clowning him about his ongoing gun scandal.

“It could have a double meaning by the way,” Silver said of carrying, making a reference to basketball and Ja’s issues with guns.

“The Ja Morant anti-carrying? Absolutely,” responded Patrick. “I got it commissioner.”

So classic.


Holy crap, Adam Silver is so much cooler after this.

He was already the coolest commissioner in all of sports, but after this, it’s a complete blowout. Silver has done some amazing things for the NBA and continues to do so and will continue to do so. And this just elevates that in my opinion.

Let’s be real here, Ja Morant is a public relations mess, has handled everything horribly and deserves to be called out and clowned for it. (RELATED: We Got Our Hands On ESPN’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Anaheim’ Before Its Release, And It’s Definitely A Must-Watch)

Adam Silver is such a G, man. Cool, cool dude for this. Let’s do better, Ja.