REPORT: Ja Morant’s Camp Makes Hilariously Ridiculous Claim That He Was Using Toy Gun In Second Video

(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Millions of dollars, and this is the best PR you can cook up?

Ja Morant’s camp is making the hilariously ridiculous claim that the firearm that he was waving in a second gun video was actually a toy gun. Yeah, okay.

Morant’s team is saying that the gun the Memphis Grizzlies superstar was flashing belonged to a relative who was seated in the car with him, and that it wasn’t real, according to a report from The Breakfast Club. They allege that the relative was playing around with the toy gun, handing it to Morant. They say that’s when he was recorded on Instagram Live with the firearm.

Just watch this comedy:

Man, this is so ridiculous.

Like seriously, I have to wonder how on earth you have millions of dollars, and this is the best public relations campaign that you can come up with. A toy gun? This is what you think is going to get you out of hot water? Who in their right mind is going to believe this nonsense?

You’d think Ja would be using all the bells and whistles to get out of this situation considering the NBA is on his tail. Commissioner Adam Silver said before Game 1 of the 2023 NBA Finals that they have more findings on Morant and it’s being reported that he could be hit with a half-season suspension. But, no, this is the best that Ja has. (RELATED: REPORT: Kyrie Irving Has Contacted LeBron James To Join Dallas Mavericks, Build Big 3 With Luka Dončić)

I’m sorry, but I’m starting to think this dude is flat-out dumb. And I love Ja, but come on.