Gucci And Rawlings Made A Custom Glove For New York Mets’ Francisco Lindor, And It’s A Thing Of Beauty

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I won’t lie … I’m a little bit jealous.

If you’re not aware of who Francisco Lindor is (and I certainly am as an Atlanta Braves fan, their rival), then you don’t know how flashy he can get. Though I’m supposed to hate the New York Mets — and I do during the season — I have to acknowledge Francisco is a flashy cat. It’s why I can’t help but like him.

Lindor is always being flamboyant on the field. Whether it’s constantly smiling, making highlight reel plays or even switching up the color of his hair, he’s always trying to find a way to flash and dash it up. But Francisco will be able to crank things up even more now, as Rawlings has collaborated with Gucci (yes, Gucci!) to make a custom glove for him — and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

“Now you got my attention,” said Lindor in a video posted to social media after opening up his gifted Gucci glove. “Hell yeah! 100 percent I’ll be using this in the game.”

Man, what a beautiful piece of work.

Yeah, it’s a shame Francisco can’t hit the ball right now and the Mets have a hard time coming by wins these days, but nonetheless, it’s still an outright gorgeous glove. Just imagine if he and New York were playing well; imagine that pop with a swagged-out Gucci glove. He would definitely have a Mr. Swagger aura going on.

Right now, however, he’s just a struggling baseball player on a struggling team with a piece of drip on his hand. (RELATED: Bailey Ober Was Pitching Perfect Game Before Being Forced To Wash Hands, Gets Shelled Afterwards)

Make it pop a little more, Francisco. I want to see that (except against my Braves).