FBI Director Reminds Adam Schiff About Violent Left-Wing Extremism

Screenshot/YouTube/House Oversight

James Lynch Investigative Reporter
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FBI Director Christopher Wray reminded Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff at a Wednesday Congressional hearing about violent extremism from left-wing anarchists, environmentalists and abortion advocates.

Schiff asked Wray about how the FBI is handling the threat of “domestic violent extremism” at an oversight hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee. (RELATED: FBI Helped Censor Americans For Ukrainian Intel Agency Full Of Russian Spies, House Report Concludes)

“Let me ask you broadly about domestic violent extremism,” Schiff said. “One of your recent reports underscored the rise of this prevalent threat and I’d ask you if you would address it today.”

“The rise of domestic violent extremism is something that I and we have been identifying for quite some time. It goes back well before January 6th,” Wray stated. He referenced the FBI’s decision to elevate “racially-motivated violent extremism” to a national threat and said the number of “domestic violent extremism” investigations at the FBI went up by 40%.

“Domestic violent extremism cuts across the spectrum from the racially motivated violent extremism, the militia violent extremism, anarchist violent extremism, environmental violent extremism and of course recently we’ve had a lot of violent extremism attacks against pro-life facilities and we are investigating those,” Wray added.

Over 100 attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers have taken place since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022, according to the Family Research Council, a Christian group. Anarchists rioters in Atlanta were charged with domestic terrorism in March for violently protesting the construction of a new police facility. Climate activists have vandalized art galleries, disrupted political events and blocked highways on numerous occasions.

Schiff requested to put two letters from lead Hunter Biden prosecutor U.S. Attorney David Weiss into the Congressional record. He claimed Weiss’ letters rebutted allegations of impartiality in the Hunter Biden investigation from IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley.

Weiss did not rebut Shapley’s allegations that Biden-appointed federal prosecutors refused to charge Hunter Biden in Washington, D.C., and the Central District of California. He also rejected requests from Republican lawmakers to turn over records from the Biden investigation.

Schiff thanked Wray for his leadership and praised his integrity after asserting that the Department of Justice exercised “too much caution” in its investigations of former President Donald Trump.