EXCLUSIVE: ‘This Is Personal For Me’: Sen. Hawley Unloads On Home State Company Anheuser-Busch

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley ripped Anheuser-Busch, saying their downfall is a personal issue for him as Budweiser is made in Missouri and jobs are being affected and the company has gone “woke.”

In an interview with Joel Gibbons from Man vs Street, Hawley weighed in on Bud Light and the heavy criticism it has faced as it lost its spot as America’s top-selling beer in early June after transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney showed off a personalized beer can featuring the influencer’s face.

“Listen I got to tell ya that this is a little bit personal for me because this is a Missouri, Budweiser is a Missouri company. St. Louis Missouri, Anheuser Busch has been there for literally like two centuries. It has provided incredible jobs for working people and to see them get bought as they were ya know 15, 20 years ago now by this global corporation, this InBev, and then they come in here Mbev, completely hollows out the company, fires a whole bunch of people in St. Louis– working people, they keep the suits– fire all those people, and now try to turn this company, a great American company, into like the poster-child for Woke. I mean I just don’t get it. It’s terrible for us in my state. It hits home for us, but it’s just terrible for the whole country,” Hawley said.

Bud Light also released a can featuring a rainbow design and the words “celebrate everyone’s identity,” with different pronouns printed on the bottle. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Social Media Pics From Bud Light Ad Exec Who Slammed ‘Fratty’ Culture Seem Pretty Fratty)


Gibbons then asked Hawley how he believes Bud Light can recover.

“I don’t know the answer to that. I mean, listen, I just hope that they’ll get back to actually being the all American company they used to. Listen, they used to celebrate firefighters, police officers, soldiers, men and women who would, you know, were doing everyday things to make the country better. And if you’re a working person around the country and you were gonna crack open a beer it was a Bud Light, but now it’s just the opposite. So, I don’t know if I have any advice for them, but they got to not do what they’re doing now,” Hawley continued. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: SOURCE: Top Anheuser-Busch Marketing Executives Responsible For Boycott Are No Longer Employed)

“I mean I think the first thing they’ve got to do is, number one, say that they were wrong to partner with Dylan whats-his-name. And then number two, to say we want to be, we want to be the beer again of America. I mean [they have to say] we believe in this country, we believe in the working person in this country, the working man, and that we want to be the beer of the guy who just wants to be left alone, to raise his family, do his job, and be able to kick back and enjoy a cold one, you know, without being interfered with by government,” he added.