Cops Find Meth Inside Man’s Burger During Traffic Stop

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

William Thompson Contributor
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An Alabama man has been arrested on multiple charges after police unexpectedly discovered a bag of narcotics concealed within his hamburger during a routine traffic stop on Saturday afternoon.

Pulled over by deputies on Highway 157, the suspect, identified as Timothy Nolen, quickly came under suspicion as authorities learned his license had been revoked, according to ABC3 News.

In an official statement, officers revealed that while taking inventory of the vehicle, Nolen persistently made “references to being hungry” and insisted on eating his hamburger, the outlet noted.

Little did law enforcement know that this seemingly innocent sandwich “contained more than lettuce and pickles,” ABC3 reported.

Upon further inspection, “[d]eputies retrieved a small bag of Methamphetamine” from the burger, per a statement from the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office.

Nolen now faces a slew of charges, including unlawful possession of a controlled substance, driving with a revoked license and using a switched tag, ABC3 reported.

Last month, a 54-year-old Sonic employee from New Mexico found himself in similar trouble after allegedly misplacing his baggie of cocaine in a customer’s hot dog, Local 12 reported. The outlet noted that the customer almost ingested the powdered substance when she took a bite of her Coney Island-style beef frank. (RELATED: Sonic Employee Arrested After Cocaine Found In Hot Dog)

The worker, identified as Jeffrey David Salazar, admitted to his mistake and confessed to purchasing the cocaine in the restaurant’s parking lot earlier that day, according to KOB-4. Salazar is now facing a felony drug charge for possession of a controlled substance.