EXCLUSIVE: MTG Breaks Down McCarthy’s Closed-Door GOP Meeting Regarding Possible Impeachment Of Joe Biden

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene laid out what Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy told House Republicans during their weekly conference meeting regarding the possible impeachment of President Joe Biden, in an exclusive Wednesday interview with the Daily Caller.

Greene said during the conference meeting that McCarthy pitched an impeachment inquiry into Biden and laid out evidence for House Republicans to use for articles of impeachment if and when the time comes. She added there is  “a lot of pressure coming from the speaker” on the conference to move forward. She also mentioned that the House Oversight Committee, which she sits on, will be bringing other business partners of Hunter Biden with testimony so damning that the GOP will have no choice but to impeach.

“Kevin McCarthy this morning at our conference, he did a great job. He really pitched an impeachment inquiry in our GOP conference meeting this morning. He laid it all out there and fought through the evidence with all the members and he told the conference that this is not something we can ignore. The President is on record of lying. He said that he had known nothing about his son’s business deals. He knows nothing about any of this stuff, but it is now proven that he has lied to the American people that cannot be ignored, and we can’t sweep it under the rug,” Greene told the Caller.

“So the responsibility literally lies with the Republican conference, to take up an impeachment inquiry. And I think that’s the right thing to do. I’m very happy. He’s pushing the conference on this. And he told everyone that ‘you know, when this time comes, I asked you, I need you to be working on this.’ And so that’s, that is a lot of pressure coming from the speaker. And I’m thrilled that he’s putting it out there because once the impeachment inquiry process starts, and we vote on it and we need to 218 votes on it, that means that our subpoena power will be even stronger and greater, and the government agencies will have to work with us and they haven’t been working with us very well so far,” Greene added.

The Georgia Republican added she is willing to wait until after the August recess, when more information is available, to impeach Biden. (RELATED: MTG Introduces Articles Of Impeachment Against Joe Biden)

“I will say I think it’ll be something we see happen in September, which is fine with me. And the reason why that’s okay is because we have more coming. For example next week we have Devon Archer is supposed to come in and testify to oversight to our committee. And he is supposed to be telling us, we’re expecting him to say that Joe Biden himself was on the phone with Hunter Biden and his business partners over two dozen times. So we’re expecting that information to come next week,” Greene said. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: ‘Should Be Prosecuted’ — MTG Says Joe Biden Should Serve Jail Time After Reading FBI Doc Relating To Burisma)

“We also have other people that we are going to be bringing in other business partners of Hunter Biden, so there’s still more work and evidence to be gathered, which is why I’m okay. I can be patient for this to start after this August recess. And I think it’s important to follow this process. Instead of forcing an impeachment with a personal inquiry. I think it’s important to go this route because I’m telling you, I fully believe it when all the evidence gets presented through hearings and the proper channels. Any Republican members that we have that are at a no vote right now, or just don’t think there’s enough evidence, I think their minds will be changed,” she continued.

In June, Greene told the Caller she believes Biden should be prosecuted after the FBI allowed her and other members on the House Oversight Committee to view a document detailing an informant’s criminal allegations against Biden.

In May, Greene introduced articles of impeachment against Biden during a press conference. The Caller obtained a copy of the articles of impeachment, saying Biden is trying to “systematically destroy” the U.S. In 2021, Greene introduced articles of impeachment against Biden, citing Biden’s alleged involvement with Ukraine while serving as vice president.