IRS Whistleblower Joseph Ziegler Calls For Special Counsel To Investigate Hunter Biden

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James Lynch Investigative Reporter
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IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler says he believes the Department of Justice (DOJ) must appoint a special counsel to properly investigate Hunter Biden.

Ziegler argued for a special counsel appointment in a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) op-ed published Thursday. He accused the DOJ of giving Biden “preferential treatment” based on his detailed knowledge of the investigation.

“I urge Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel so an independent reviewer can examine what I believe were deficient investigative steps and improper decisions,” Ziegler wrote. (RELATED: Here’s The Exact Moment Hunter Biden’s Hidden Immunity Deal Imploded)

“Justice officials prevented investigators from following the evidence. Appointing a special counsel would create a path for the investigation to continue with integrity. I hope transparency will restore public confidence in the idea that every U.S. taxpayer receives equal treatment under the law. Sweetheart deals shouldn’t be handed out like candy to the rich, powerful and politically connected,” Ziegler added.

“I came forward because in my opinion, Hunter Biden received preferential treatment. Although some in Congress tried to explain away my concerns, what I saw during the investigation was entirely outside the norm,” he continued.

Ziegler testified anonymously to the House Ways & Means Committee about how prosecutors allegedly slow-walked and obstructed the Hunter Biden investigation by contesting search warrants, tipping off the Biden team and preventing Biden family members from being interviewed.

Ziegler is a gay, married Democrat with over a decade of IRS experience. He revealed his identity when he testified publicly in front of the House Oversight Committee about the Hunter Biden investigation July 19.

The IRS whistleblower told House Oversight that Hunter Biden and his associates took an estimated $17 million from Chinese, Ukrainian and Romanian business partners. Ziegler also accused the IRS of retaliating against him, contradicting IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel’s sworn testimony.

The younger Biden was charged with two tax misdemeanors and a felony gun charge. His guilty plea fell apart Wednesday when Delaware U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika questioned the terms of Biden’s plea deal, causing a disagreement between the DOJ and Biden’s legal team.

Hunter Biden ended up pleading not guilty to the charges. Noreika ordered Biden to pursue employment and avoid drugs as conditions for his release.