Judge Tells Hunter Biden To Get A Job And Lay Off Drugs To Stay Out Of Jail

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James Lynch Investigative Reporter
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Hunter Biden must actively seek employment and not use drugs in order to stay out of custody, according to an order from a Delaware judge setting the conditions of his release.

U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika ordered the first son to actively seek employment, not use alcohol or illicit drugs, submit to random drug testing, not possess a firearm and submit to supervision by the Central District of California as part of his conditions for release. (RELATED: Burisma Lobbyists Recommended By Hunter Biden Didn’t Disclose Over $400,000 In Payments, Testimony Shows)


Hunter Biden changed his plea deal to “not guilty” on Wednesday after a disagreement between his legal team and Justice Department prosecutors about the terms of the agreement.

Judge Noreika had taken issue with the plea deal when prosecutors and Biden’s legal team presented it Wednesday morning, arguing that its scope was unclear about whether the DOJ could pursue additional charges against Hunter Biden. When the two sides agreed to limit the scope of Biden’s plea deal, Noreika said she was not ready to accept it and requested more information.

Biden was charged in June with two tax misdemeanors and a felony gun possession. He was expected to plead not guilty, thus avoiding jail time. Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss said the Hunter Biden investigation is still ongoing and the DOJ agreed to allow Weiss to testify about the case after Congress returns from recess.

The House Oversight, Judiciary and Ways & Means Committee are looking into testimony from two IRS whistleblowers accusing federal prosecutors of slow-walking the Biden investigation and failing to charge Biden despite overwhelming evidence.

DOJ prosecutors left the door open to potential charges under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) at Biden’s arraignment. Republican Kentucky Rep. James Comer, Chair of the House Oversight Committee, issued a statement in support of Noreika’s objections and the DOJ potentially charging Biden for FARA violations.

“Today District Judge Noreika did the right thing by refusing to rubber-stamp Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal,” Comer said in a statement.

“Today, the Department of Justice revealed Hunter Biden is under investigation for being a foreign agent. The evidence uncovered by the Oversight Committee’s investigation into the Bidens’ alleged influence peddling scheme mirrors the evidence put forth by the IRS whistleblowers. We will continue to follow the Bidens’ money trail to determine whether foreign actors targeted the Bidens,” Comer added.

Biden and his associates took $17 million in payments from Ukrainian, Chinese and Romanian business interests, IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler told House Oversight. (RELATED: America First Legal Sues Merrick Garland, DOJ For Failing To Require Hunter Biden To Register As A Foreign Agent)

IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley testified to the House Ways & Means Committee about a threatening text Hunter Biden allegedly sent to a Chinese business associate with Joe Biden in the same room. House Oversight also released a text Hunter Biden allegedly sent to a Chinese business associate about how the Bidens are “the best” at getting what his boss wants.

The FBI is currently investigating bribery allegations involving Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky, who founded Burisma. Hunter Biden’s longtime business associate Devon Archer is expected to testify that Joe Biden participated in business meetings with his son on multiple occasions.

The House Oversight Committee previously said Joe Biden attended a meeting with business associates from a Chinese energy company that paid Hunter Biden. The president has repeatedly denied any involvement with his son’s business dealings.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers did not immediately respond to a request for comment.