NBC’s Chuck Todd Worries GOP Will Accuse Biden ‘Whether They Have The Evidence Or Not’


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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NBC’s Chuck Todd worried Sunday that Republicans will accuse President Joe Biden of a crime “whether they have the evidence or not.”

Todd was joined by Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons and asked whether it would be smart for Biden to come out and deny any involvement with Hunter Biden and his business dealings.

“Do you think he needs to say that more directly because there are a lot of people that believe something else happened?” Todd asked.

“Let’s be clear about that point, Chuck. There’s been a five year investigation, five years, by a Trump-appointed U.S. attorney. This investigation started during the Trump administration and they’ve come forward with not one shred of evidence tying President Biden to any of this. I am encouraged that in sharp contrast to President Trump, you’ve just detailed his mountain of legal problems where President Trump is fighting, and pushing back and obstructing. Hunter Biden has come forward, taken responsibility, and paid his late taxes as you discussed with Chuck Rosenberg, I think the hiccup in the Delaware courthouse will get ironed out pretty quickly and I don’t think President Biden needs to say anymore than he has.”

“They’re gonna accuse him, whether they have the evidence or not and they may have an information ecosystem that helps amplify it to the point that you don’t think he needs [to say]— ‘hey, despite what you hear, just so you know I don’t do business with my son or my brother’?” (RELATED: ‘Do You Realize How Absurd That Sounds?’: Byron Donalds Spars With Chuck Todd Over Trump’s Debt Ceiling Comments)

Todd has a history of not pushing back against false claims made without evidence. Todd did not challenge Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff during a January 2020 interview when Schiff said the Mueller report did not exonerate former President Donald Trump. The host also didn’t push back against Democratic New York Rep. Jerry Nadler after he falsely claimed in an April 2019 meeting that Donald Trump Jr., was offered stolen information in the infamous meeting at Trump Tower in 2016.

Todd also claimed in 2018 that the Russians could be behind a series of potential explosive devices mailed to Democrats, despite authorities believing the origins to be Florida.