NPR Has A Completely Unoriginal Theory On Why Country Music Is So Successful

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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NPR published an interview Tuesday in which the authors accused all country music fans of being racist.

It’s unclear whether NPR realizes that Americans were the ones who placed Jason Aldean, Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in August. All Americans. The chart is representative of the country as a whole, and clearly, all Americans are loving the music these men are putting out.

If you think you’re surrounded by that many racists, maybe there’s an issue with your definition of racism.

Aldean hit the top spot with his anthem “Try That in a Small Town,” which decries violence, mob rule and social decline. And apparently, disliking all of these things is “racist,” according to NPR’s Brittany Luse and other people you’ve never heard of.

In a thoroughly embarrassing grab at attention, Luse said that Aldean and Wallen were both facing allegations of racism… which they absolutely are not. Wallen faced one accusation of racism years ago, something he was nearly canceled for, but he managed to rebuild his career after doing the work to learn from his mistakes, and apologizing profusely, publicly and repeatedly. But you already know that these people don’t believe in forgiveness. (RELATED: Everyone Needs To Watch And Then Do A ‘Jesus Revolution’)

The only people accusing Aldean of racism are the ones who think that rioting, arson, looting and random violence against strangers was the appropriate response to George Floyd’s murder. And if being anti-violence, anti-rioting and pro-safety in America is racist, then I don’t want anything to do with modern society because y’all have lost your damn minds.