CMT Pulls Jason Aldean’s Music Video After He Enrages Liberals

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Country music star Jason Aldean released the music video for one of the best songs of his career Friday, and apparently he upset so many liberals that CMT pulled the video from its network.

CMT confirmed the video for Aldean’s new hit single “Try That in a Small Town” had been pulled from the network but did not provide a reason why, Billboard reported. This occurred well before liberals started crying about how accurately it depicts the total state of social decline in American cities, while bellowing the values of small town life. The lyrics of the song go hand-in-hand with the content of the video, which includes B-roll of violent protests, attacks and thefts from stores, flag burning and more, while Aldean sings in front of a courthouse adorned with the American flag.

As the song continues, the violence is contrasted with the real values of Americans who live well outside our failing cities. But more than pointing out the social catastrophe that is liberal politics, Aldean reminds city-dwellers their behavior just wouldn’t stand in small-town America. (RELATED: Everyone Needs To Watch And Then Do A ‘Jesus Revolution’)

“Got a gun that my granddad gave me/ They say one day they’re gonna round up/ Well, that shit might fly in the city/ Good luck,” he sings, sounding like every single man I know who lives outside of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other far-leftist hubs.

Aldean is no stranger to the acts of evil that emanate from the entertainment industry. In September 2022, his PR firm axed him for his stance against irreversible treatments such as puberty blockers, chemical castration and sex change surgeries for children. (RELATED: Jason Aldean’s Wife Wishes Happy Presidents’ Day, But ‘Not You’ To Biden)

All of the footage Aldean used in the video appears real, so it’s pretty disgusting CMT would try to hide this from the public. If you want to watch the video, you can find it here. I highly recommend multiple plays: