Driver Rams Into 13 Pedestrians, Stabs Nine Of Them

[Screenshot/YouTube/The Telegraph]

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A South Korean man is in custody after allegedly driving into a crowd of 13 pedestrians on Thursday and subsequently stabbing nine of them.

The incident occurred near a subway station in Seongnam just south of the South Korean capital of Seoul, according to CNN. While the perpetrator’s motive remains unknown, local media reported that he appeared to be suffering from mental health issues, per Reuters. (RELATED: Knife-Wielding Suspect Allegedly Slashes Three On Japanese Train)

“Unlike traditional crimes driven by personal resentment,” this attack was “in effect, an act of terrorism in that anyone can become a victim,” said Police Commissioner General Yoon Hee-keun.

Law enforcement officials claim that the suspect, believed to be in his early 20s, drove his car into a group of 13 pedestrians, striking four of them. Afterwards, the suspect allegedly exited his vehicle and stabbed nine additional victims, according to the Washington Post.  Twelve people were transported to a hospital for treatment, while one victim — a man reported to be in his 60s — died of his injuries, according to Reuters.

Authorities were able to detain the suspect within 10 minutes, according to CNN. The suspect is currently in custody and undergoing a mental health evaluation, the Post reported.