Journalist Says His Totaled Tesla Somehow Ended Up In Ukraine

(Photo by STRINGER/AFP via Getty Images)

Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A journalist said Thursday that his totaled Tesla somehow ended up in Ukraine.

Jay Yarow purportedly located his totaled Tesla in Ukraine on Thursday after he wrecked the vehicle in a car crash, according to a post on the journalist’s Twitter. A map in his tweet indicated the vehicle’s location.

“Here’s an unusual situation,” Yarow wrote. “I had a Tesla, crashed it, it was totaled. And now it’s … in Ukraine? And someone there is listening to Drake on my, still logged in, Spotify account.” (RELATED: Ukraine Military’s Trans Spokesperson Says Russian Soldiers Aren’t Human)

An anonymous Twitter user floated a theory on how Yarow’s Tesla ended up in Ukraine, claiming that damaged vehicles are often purchased in the war-torn country because they are cheaper.

“The position of the map is not a combat zone. The new owner of the car is a civilian. Tesla is too expensive (even crushed) to drive it to the front. For the front, we buy very old SUVs that cost 2000-10000 usd,” OstanniyCap, a Twitter user self-described as ‘the largest Ukrainian national-bourgeois organization,’ said.

“In Ukraine, it is common to buy crushed cars from the USA and make capital repairs. Such a machine is two times cheaper, maybe more. Most of the population is not rich enough to buy a new Tesla,” OstanniyCap said.

The totaled Tesla’s location could be Cryvui Rih, a “large city with metallurgical plants” that is “bustling with life.” Russian artillery can not reach the city because it is “not in a combat zone,” OstanniyCap claimed. However, residents have to “hide in shelters several times a week” because Cryvui Rih is “attacked from time to time by cruise and ballistic missiles,” the user said.

Ukraine went to war with Russia after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion Feb. 23, 2022. The Biden administration has since sent Ukraine billions of taxpayer dollars in military aid.