Country Music Dominance Proves Real America Is Winning The Culture War


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Country music has dominated the charts throughout 2023, and it proves that real America is winning the culture war.

Country music’s dominance in the charts in 2023 is the biggest variable that proves most Americans are on the right track, and don’t want the BS handed down to us from on high by the culture critics within global governments. For the last year or more, country music has diverged from the corporate mainstream music industry, and become a champion for positive American values.

Take the likes of Oliver Anthony or John Rich or Jason Aldean. Though their messages are very different, they hone in on a similar vibe: love your neighbor; love God; stop destroying this country; there are more of us that think this way than those trying to make us hate each other.

We’ve seen Morgan Wallen skyrocket into the most famous and successful country music star in a generation. His hit song “Last Night” logged 16 non-consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard charts; a feat that was unthinkable before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The successes of these artists is uniquely down to Americans like you. Through these artists’ work, passion and purpose, you are speaking with your soul when you support them. And that is just the most beautiful, empowering thing to see.

When we think about this moment we’re creating in history, I hope it’ll be remembered as a Great Awakening.

Great Awakenings happen when people hunt for goodness in our fundamental values. We try to communicate the type of cultural changes we need to survive as a society in nonstandard ways. Great Awakenings are defined by a mass return of Christian faith, compassion, and peaceful prosperity — and now, music. (RELATED: John Rich Has A Blunt Message For Progressives, And It’s About To Become An American Anthem)

As those in our cities are driven apart through their inability to see further than their phone screens,  us in real America are coming closer together as we brace for whatever the culture war throws at us next. And our shared love of the same songs will be the soundtrack to this change.

Watch any type of terrestrial television (i.e. stuff with advertisements) and you’d think America is collapsing into a woke hellscape defined by the type of stupidity that leads some to believe they can change their gender. But variables contributing to a positive outcome for the macro-psychology and culture of our nation are here. They’re just hiding in plain sight. (RELATED: Billboard’s Song Of The Summer Will Really Upset The Entertainment Industry)

So don’t give up. Keep listening to the anthems you’ll remember for decades to come. Learn every lyric and tell your kids and future grandkids, “We listened to this music when things got scary. We listened to it together, and we made it a hit, because there was no other way to communicate through the chaos created by our government. Every time we heard these songs, we knew we were winning.”

And truly, y’all are.