Reporter Asks Bizarre ‘Little Rascals’ Question In The Middle Of Presser About Escaped Murderer’s Capture

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A reporter posited an absurd question towards Pennsylvania police officers during a Wednesday morning press conference detailing the capture of convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante.

“Sir, was there any concern that [Cavalcante] would team up with another small man to step inside of a trench coat ‘Little Rascals’-style?” the unnamed reporter asked Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens, a clip shared online shows.

“No,” Bivens replied, appearing slightly put-out. The reporter was seemingly referencing the “taking out a loan” scene from the 1994 film “Little Rascals.” (RELATED: REPORT: Police Capture Danelo Cavalcante, Ending Manhunt For Escaped Convict)

Cavalcante, an illegal immigrant wanted for murder in Brazil and convicted for the brutal murder of his former girlfriend, Deborah Brandao, was recaptured by police Wednesday after a 14-day manhunt. Cavalcante stabbed Brandao in front of her two young children 38 times in April 2021 after she threatened to notify authorities of his whereabouts, having learned he was wanted for murder in Brazil, according to police.

Approximately one week after being sentenced to life in prison for Brandao’s murder, Cavalcante escaped the Chester County Prison by crab-walking up the walls and out of sight of a security camera. In the subsequent two-week manhunt, Cavalcante repeatedly eluded police by slipping past perimeters, stealing a dairy van and even managing to obtain a.22 caliber rifle from a homeowner’s garage. Authorities finally caught up with the escaped murderer Sept. 13, finding him hidden within a wood pile behind a John Deere store in South Coventry Township.