‘Yellowjackets Everywhere’: Police Catch Alleged Carjacker Amid Swarm Of Wasps

Screenshot/YouTube/ Seattle Police Department

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Police body camera footage captured a swarm of wasps stinging police officers and a carjacking suspect alike during an arrest in Seattle, Washington on August 13.

The suspect was initially found in a tunnel by Seattle police officers after they were alerted to reports of a man allegedly trying to steal several vehicles and causing significant damage to them, KING 5 News reported. The man was allegedly armed with a knife, Seattle Police Department Blogger reported. The suspect managed to run to a wooded greenbelt area that was swarming with wasps, Fox News reported.

The suspect was eventually caught in that area and arrested by police but not after wasps stung several police officers and the suspect during the altercation, SPD Blogger reported. During this entire episode, an officer could be heard saying, “it’s yellowjackets everywhere,”  KING 5 News observed. One of the officers got a gash during the arrest, SPD Blogger noted. (RELATED: REPORT: Police Arrest Oklahoma Judge For Allegedly Opening Fire While Driving, ‘Intentionally’ Crashing Into Vehicle)

The officers could be seen offering the suspect a bottle of water as they brought him to an ambulance, Fox News reported. The wounded officer who was cut and the suspect were then taken to the hospital for their injuries, SPD Blogger reported. The suspect was later booked into jail over his alleged crimes, the outlet noted.