‘Grow Up’: New York Jets’ Aaron Rodgers Throws Criticism At … The New York Jets?

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I’m not the biggest fan of the guy, but he kept it G — I give him that.

Making his weekly appearance Tuesday on “The Pat McAfee Show,” superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers called out some of his New York Jets teammates over what happened on the sidelines Sunday during their 15-10 loss against the New England Patriots.

“This is what teams have to go through. There’s adversity points in every season. This year it’s happening early and people are coming for us and there are some heated conversations on the sideline and different things,” Rodgers said.

“I think we need to hold our poise a little better, really just offensively. We need to not have some of those things happening on the sideline, and to be a little better, and to be a little better competitors.”

Both Garrett Wilson and Michael Carter were seen on the sideline lashing out as the Jets offense failed to get anything going.


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Aaron Rodgers continued on about the situation, ratcheting up the rhetoric a little further.

“There’s been too many little side conversations and we just need to grow up a little bit on offense and lock in and do our jobs. Everybody. And not point fingers at each other. That’s everybody,” Rodgers said.

“Don’t point fingers at the coaching staff. Don’t point fingers at each other. Just get back to work and get the job done. It’s more the side stuff that I don’t like and I want to see us stick together through the tough times.”

This season just gets better and better.

Heading into Week 4, my Miami Dolphins are an undefeated 3-0 and first place in the AFC East, fresh off scoring 70 points against the Denver Broncos.

And all of this is going on while our scummy rival New York Jets are 1-2, dead last in the division and freaking out about their quarterback situation while Aaron Rodgers lays on a bed and does nothing but criticize his own team in his little weekly McAfee appearances. (RELATED: Did Patriots’ Mac Jones Really Ball Tap Jets’ Sauce Gardner Between Plays? Roll The Tape)

God, this is so comical, and so New York Jets — the dysfunctional football team strikes again!