‘Listen To Me!’: Lindsey Graham Spars With CNN Host Over Bombing Oil Tanks

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham sparred with CNN’s Abby Phillip on Tuesday night over his calls to bomb Iranian oil tanks if Hamas escalates the war further.

Graham said on Fox News on Monday that “for every Israeli or American hostage executed by Hamas, we should take down an Iranian oil refinery. The only way you’re going to keep this war from escalating is to hold Iran accountable.”

Phillip brought up the comment and asked Graham if he was “calling for the U.S. to become directly involved in this war with Hamas?”

“We’re already directly involved,” Graham said. “Fourteen Americans are dead tonight.”

Phillip tried to interject but Graham cut her off. (RELATED: ‘You Are A Disgrace’: Lindsey Graham Tells Congressional ‘Squad’ Members To ‘Shut The Hell Up’)

“Just listen to me. They’d be alive today without Iran building up Hamas.”


“I want to be very clear. If you kill the hostages — the Hamas has hostages, Americans and Israeli hostages — they start killing those hostages, if there’s an attack by Hezbollah in the north, creating two fronts for Israel, what I would do is, I would bomb Iran’s oil infrastructure,” Graham explained. “The money financing terrorism comes from Iran. It’s time for this terrorist state to pay a price for financing and supporting all this chaos. Yes, if you’re the Iranians, if it were up to me, this war escalates, I’m coming after you.”

At least 900 people have been killed by Hamas terrorists, including at least 14 Americans. Authorities estimate more than 100 hostages – including Americans – have been taken as well.

Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson argued that Graham’s suggestion is stupid and that Graham “has no clue what would happen” if the U.S. blew up Iran’s oil tanks.

“He’s almost 70 years old and has no children. He doesn’t care.”