‘Meet The Press’ Host Asks Biden Adviser Point-Blank Why He Was ‘So Off The Mark’ About Middle East

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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NBC News anchor Kristen Welker asked White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on Sunday point-blank why he was “so off the mark” about tensions in the Middle East.

Sullivan said in a Sept. 29 interview the U.S. has had to put in less time and fewer resources into crises in the Middle East because the region was “quieter today” since the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks. Eight days later, the Islamic terror group Hamas launched its deadliest attack on Israel since the 1970s, currently leaving 3,200 dead, according to reports.

“Jake, why was your assessment there so far off the mark?” Welker asked Sullivan on “Meet the Press.”

“Well, first, Kristen, I made those comments in the context of developments in the wider Middle East region over the last few years. After two decades that involved a civil war in Yemen and a massive humanitarian catastrophe, a civil war in Syria and massive refugee crisis, an invasion and insurgency in Iraq, a NATO military operation in Libya, Iranian-backed attacks on both Saudi and the UAE — as well as many other steps, including the rise of a terrorist caliphate that actually occupied a huge amount of territory. The sentence before, what you just played, I said, in fact, that this was for now, and that it could all change,” Sullivan continued.

President Joe Biden’s administration faced backlash for reaching a deal with Iran to transfer $6 billion in previously frozen assets and five Iranian nationals to Iran in exchange for the release of five American hostages. The administration once again froze the funds after receiving pressure from Republican lawmakers, believing the deal could have facilitated Iran to fund Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attack against Israel. (RELATED: ‘Israel Is Not Russia’: Jake Tapper Confronts Biden Admin Adviser Over Civilian Deaths In Gaza, Ukraine) 

The administration has argued Iran would not have had access to a sufficient amount of funds at the time through the $6 billion deal to fund Hamas. National Security spokesperson John Kirby said Tuesday that Iran would receive the assets in “chunks.”

Hamas’ attack on Israel has left at least 1,300 people dead, including 29 Americans, according to the Independent. Hamas terrorists have reportedly murdered, raped and tortured innocent civilians in Israel. Several reports and images claim terrorists slaughtered at least 40 babies last week, with some reportedly being decapitated. Others have reportedly been burned alive, raped and forced to watch their relatives and loved ones die.