Journalist Slams Writers Guild of America West For Their Silence Amid Attacks On Israel

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Journalist Matthew Beloni slammed the Writers Guild of America West on Monday for refusing to comment on the attacks on Israel, in spite of opting to weigh in on other political matters.

Beloni posted an article slamming the agency for its silence on the critical situation Israel is facing today and called out the WGA for lending their voice to other conversations that were just as contentious in the headlines. “Just to refresh, here’s an incomplete list of the topics that the Writers Guild recently has chosen to issue statements about George Floyd, violence against Asian Americans, Harvey Weinstein, an F.C.C. decision, and even Endeavor’s I.P.O.” Beloni wrote.

Journalist Matt Beloni slammed the Writers Guild of America West for refusing to comment on the attacks on Israel, in spite of opting to weigh in on other controversial political matters.

He went on to condemn the WGA for their refusal to acknowledge the terrorism in Israel after the October 7 attacks by Hamas.

Seemingly speaking on behalf of his community, he said, “That’s why much of the town seems to be fuming at the WGA board over its refusal to say anything about the attack on Israel.”

Beloni took aim at WGA West president Meredith Stiehm, saying she “finally responded this weekend,” before he noted how inadequate he felt her response to be.

“Like the membership itself, the Board’s viewpoints are varied, and we found consensus out of reach,” she wrote to a group of showrunners, many of whom had signed the open letter “against terrorism in Israel.’ he said.

“What Stiehm didn’t mention, and what a recipient of her email wouldn’t be able to discern, is that she, herself, was among the board members who wanted to remain silent, according to two sources familiar with the internal debate,” Beloni reported.

He went on to declare that his requests for comment went unanswered by Stiehm.

He jabbed at the WGA’s refusal to take action and quoted Rick Rosen, the co-founder of Endeavor and head of TV at WME for his statement on the matter.

“Consensus should not be needed to denounce a terrorist attack,” Rosen said according to Beloni. (RELATED: ‘Shut Up’: Audience Members Walk Out After Dave Chappelle Insults Israelis)

“I am proud of the statement my company made in addition to SAG-AFTRA, DGA and other entertainment companies in condemning terrorism. It is disappointing that the WGA board, a group elected by writers who understand the power of words, has chosen to remain silent, especially in light of their statements on other political and social issues,” Rosen said.

The WGA has not issued a public response to the scathing report.