‘Propaganda To The Tenth Degree’: Democrat Rep Calls Out Members Of His Own Party For Blindly Following Hamas’ Word

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Democratic Florida Rep. Jared Moskowitz called out members of his own party Tuesday for blindly spreading Hamas propaganda and engaging in antisemitic behaviors.

Far-left Democratic Reps. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota repeated Hamas’ claim that an Israeli airstrike bombed a hospital and killed 500 people in Gaza City. Israeli leaders and U.S. intelligence agencies have provided evidence and concluded that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad misfired a missile and hit the hospital’s parking lot.

Tlaib has refused to retract her claims and said she “cannot uncritically accept” that Israel played no part in the bombing.

Moskowitz, a Jewish member of Congress, criticized his colleagues for blindly parroting Hamas propaganda.

“I continue to be disappointed in members of Congress who are not willing to listen to U.S. intelligence and listen to the Biden administration, who have said Israel had nothing to do with the issue that happened in the parking lot of the hospital. Remember, the hospital wasn’t hit, the hospital is still there, it was the parking lot of the hospital,” Moskowitz said on Fox News’ “Outnumbered.” “That was the first lie that was told. The second lie that was told was over 500 people died there. There’s no proof of that. And the third lie that was told that it was Israel. All those things have turned out to be inaccurate, U.S. intelligence is saying that.”

“Any member of Congress who continues to trust Hamas’ information over U.S. information is obviously deeply concerning,” he continued.

Moskowitz called on Congress to consider censuring Tlaib and other colleagues who parroted Hamas’ propaganda. The Hamas-run health ministry, which initially made the claims, has yet to provide any information on the alleged 471 victims who they say were killed, and the impact site has turned out to be the hospital parking lot, not the building itself, according to The New York Times. (RELATED: ‘Must Do Better’: Democrat Lawmaker Slams KJP’s Answer On Antisemitism)

“This is about U.S. intelligence, this is about U.S. information, this is about not willing to trust what the Biden administration and U.S. intelligence, but instead continuing to pretend like the Ministry of Health out of Gaza is nothing other than a terrorist organization telling people what we want to hear. You just heard the leader of Hamas talking about genocide, I mean good God. This is propaganda to the tenth degree and people have to stop buying it and they have to listen to the facts,” the congressman continued.

He said the corporate media quickly citing Hamas and blaming Israel for the bombing was “disgusting.” He lamented how Israel had to show several pieces of evidence to dispute Hamas to get the media and members of Congress to change their viewpoints.

“Why does there continue to be a double standard when it comes to Israel? We know why, it’s because people are antisemitic in the world,” he said.

Moskowitz also criticized White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for pointing to Muslims and Arab Americans facing a disproportionate number of “hate-fueled attacks” in response to a question about the rise in antisemitism.