‘Apparently, They Don’t Need George’: Jason Alexander Weighs In On ‘Seinfeld’ Reboot Rumors


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Jason Alexander, the actor who famously played George on the hit series “Seinfeld,” weighed in on recent rumors suggesting a reboot is in the works.

The rumor mill first started churning when Jerry Seinfeld spoke out during a stand-up show, and teased the possibility of the show’s return.

“Here’s what I’ll tell you, okay, but you can’t tell anybody. Something is going to happen that has to do with that ending. Hasn’t happened yet,” Seinfeld previously said. Fans sure thought that meant “Seinfeld” was making a comeback, but Alexander disagrees, according to Extra.

Alexander was questioned about the possibility of a reboot of the epic show during a recent celebrity poker tournament hosted by Bryan Cranston.

“There is only one reason for that rumor,” Alexander said. “Jerry, apparently at the end of some stand-up thing, went, ‘Well, Larry [David] and I are thinking of something.'”

The moment of truth quickly followed, and it wasn’t the response most fans hoped for.

“Good for you. I don’t know anything about it. Nobody called me!” he told the outlet.


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The famous actor conveyed his dismay about not having been given any tangible information to work with.

“Apparently, they don’t need George and they may not need Elaine ’cause Julia [Louis-Dreyfus] and I went, ‘Do you know anything about this? I don’t know anything about this,’” he said.

Alexander continued to convey his overall state of confusion and said his castmates echoed his feelings. (RELATED: ‘You’ll See’: Jerry Seinfeld Teases Possible ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion During Stand-Up Set)

“I just talked to Michael [Richards] the other day and I don’t think he knew anything about it,” he said.

Sorry, “Seinfeld” fans — this one may just be a rumor after all.