Liberal Women Who Can’t Find A Masculine Husband Need A Reality Check, Mary Rooke Explains

Screenshot/Newsmax/Carl Higbie Frontline

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Daily Caller reporter and host of “Trad-ish” Mary Rooke called out liberal women who are looking for masculine men on Thursday and added that if our society wants feminine women then “we need strong men.”

Rooke appeared on Newsmax’s “Carl Higbie Frontline” to discuss the trend against masculinity, specifically on the left, noting that men and women both have certain roles to play within society. Rooke emphasized the imbalance that women are currently being taught within the workforce. (RELATED: Young Americans Are Having Less And Less Sex, But It’s Not Because They’ve Found Jesus, Mary Rooke Explains)

“Yeah, I mean, if we want feminine women, we need strong men to protect us because right now we have a society where women are really masculine. They’re walking out, they’re taking the roles that men normally take,” Rooke stated.  

“The majority of the increase in women working in the workforce were women who had children under the age of five. And you cannot expect a healthy balance between the sexes if you have women going out and really being more masculine than feminine. And in order to continue that you have to have that strength that comes along with masculinity.”

A viral TikTok video from June showed a liberal woman complaining about not being able to find a masculine man who was not “conservative.” When asked about the phenomenon, Rooke stated that liberal women need to “stop emasculating” men. 

“Stop emasculating your men. You want a strong man, stop telling him how weak and useless he is all the time. Stop walking around like you can do it all,” Rooke continued. “The reality is that there’s a balance to love. There’s supposed to be a balance to these things. You’re not supposed to be all. He is not supposed to be all and she is not supposed to be all. And our selfish society has told us that women can take both roles.”

“And so if you’re a liberal woman, and you’re single and you’re having a hard time finding another liberal man who’s, like, strong enough to protect you as you’re walking down the scary streets of San Francisco, well guess what? That’s just not going to be possible because you have emasculated every man in your peer group and now you’re gonna have to look outside of it because the only men that are willing to stand up now and protect the vulnerable in our society are men that believe in traditional values,” Rooke stated.

The term “toxic masculinity” has been popularized in culture discussions in recent years. The term refers to an “attitude or set of social guidelines stereotypically associated with manliness that often have a negative impact on men, women, and society in general,” according to WebMD.

One in three Americans agree that the Democratic party is “hostile towards masculine values,” according to a Politico Magazine/Ipsos poll from July. In 2022, the Biden administration awarded a $2 million grant to a feminist organization in Puerto Rico, backed by George Soros, that teaches men about “structural racism and toxic masculinities.”