Could Taylor Swift Trigger The Next American Baby Boom?

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A blog post published in early October predicted Taylor Swift will create the next baby boom … and we’re so here for it!

Peachy Keenan published the post, and she focused most of her article on discussing whether superstar musicians Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey will ever get married. It must be hard for them both to find men secure enough to date them, given their fame and wealth … but also because their music is built on heartbreak.

But, if and when Swifty and ReyRey do get married, Keenan believes it’ll cause the biggest spike in weddings and potentially cultivate a new baby boom “triggered by a tsunami of heterosexual romantic happy endings.” And she’s almost definitely right … except for Del Rey, because I don’t know anyone who cares about her or her music.

The social capital of Taylor Swift, however, is borderline defined by heartbreak and misery. I didn’t grow up with her music (thankfully), but I have so many friends who define their dating lives by the sadness Swift’s songs evoke. So she certainly has  the power to renormalize love, if she’s ever capable of finding it for real. (RELATED: Department Of Wildlife Conservation Absolutely Rips Taylor Swift Over Travis Kelce)

I also love the idea of Swifty settling down, starting a baby boom and then having that lead to a “manufacturing and housing boom,” as one Twitter user forecast. Do I think it’ll actually happen? No. We’re going to collapse into a macro-financial, food and fuel crisis before any of this happens.

But damn, you can’t blame a girl for dreaming …