‘There’s Something That’s Positive About That’: Cornel West Appears To Compare Hamas Attacks To Slavery Rebellions


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Dr. Cornel West, a candidate for the 2024 presidential election, appeared to compare the Hamas attacks against Israel to slavery rebellions on Tuesday.

West said on “The Ingraham Angle” that he believes the attacks against Israeli civilians were atrocities and a “war crime.” However, West said that the occupation against Palestinians must end for the violence to finally cease. (RELATED: MSNBC Host, Palestinian Analyst Say Attacks On Israel Deserve ‘Context’, Blame Israel)

“Any time you kill innocent people … that’s a war crime,” West said.

He then suggested that Israel is culpable “and should have ended the occupation a long time ago.”

“We have to have some moral consistency here,” West later added.

West then appeared to draw comparisons of Hamas’ terrorism to slavery rebel Nat Turner.

“Did he kill some innocent white folk? He was wrong, but slavery had to go,” West said.

“There’s something that’s positive about that. They see a genocide taking place. We gotta do something about it,” he added.

Left-wing politicians have suggested that the attacks against Israel are a result of the ongoing “occupation” of the West Bank and the blockade on Gaza. Organizations such as local Black Lives Matter chapters and university student clubs have argued that the attacks on Israel were a legitimate form of resistance.