‘You Are Embarrassing Yourself’: Millionaire Rapper’s Son Torched For Insisting He Grew Up In The ‘Hood’

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

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King Harris, the son of millionaire rapper “T.I.”, was blasted on tape for arguing he grew up in a disadvantaged community.

The footage, which was circulated on social media Monday, showed King Harris engaging in a heated exchange with his parents regarding his upbringing. (RELATED: Nude Melania Look-Alike In T.I.’s Video Says She’s Received ‘Threats’)

“King, have you ever woke up with a roach on your face?” his father asked. “Or in your ear?”

King asked the people surrounding him if they wanted to visit the “bando” (abandoned house) in his neighborhood.

He denied that he grew up with a “silver spoon” in his mouth and dismissed his father’s criticisms as an attempt to make himself look better. King said that he often had spent time at his grandmother’s house while growing up because he would engage in physical fights with others.

“You act like a baby to go to your grandma’s house!” T.I. interjected, “You used to hold your breath.”

“Everyday!” his mother, Tiny Harris, exclaimed.

King Harris argued that he turned his back on his privileged lifestyle, and that he spent his time disadvantaged urban neighborhoods.

“I don’t want to be in these gates. I want to be outside in the neighborhood,” King said, “That’s why I want to be over there.

He accused his parents of “capping” (lying) and asserted that he could adequately handle himself if dropped off in any “hood.” He said that his parents were attempting to “hide” his alleged gangster lifestyle, and that he would “put it out there” for the world to see.

“You ain’t had me behind the mansion,” King Harris said, “I was outside doing what I wanted to do.”

“You lying. You lying. You over here Flagging. You capping,” King said.

King Harris gradually raised his voice and showed visible signs of anger. His mother tried to calm the situation by telling his father to “shut up” and physically blocking her son from confronting him.

“What’s wrong with y’all? Why y’all doing that to me? Y’all know me. You know I stand on business,” he said.

“Why you even letting somebody play with me like that?” King angrily asked his mother.

T.I. dismissed King’s gangster act as “embarrassing.”

“You are embarrassing yourself as a family. You are embarrassing yourself,” T.I. said.

A physical scuffle could be heard from behind the camera, as others in the room seemingly tried to physically restrain King from going after his father.

King Harris said during an interview in October that he spent most of his childhood at his grandmother’s home, despite showcasing his family life on the popular reality show “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.” He alleged that once filming wrapped for the day, he would depart his parents’ home. The Harris family reportedly owns a home in a posh gated community on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia.