Netflix Is Coming Out With An Absolute Banger Of A Series About Griselda Blanco And I Already Have My Popcorn Ready

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I literally got chills the whole way through the trailer … epic!

Sofia Vergara. Griselda Blanco. Miami. The Cocaine Cowboys. Lord have mercy. I’m in heaven with this new Netflix series! Netflix announced “Griselda” will drop in January and released the trailer Thursday — and boy oh boy, it’s epic.

The beautiful Sofia Vergara, who underwent a complete transformation for this series, will be playing cocaine queenpin and South Florida royal Griselda Blanco in the series. And if you don’t know, I truly can’t stress enough how powerful and rich Blanco was. She was truly a QUEENPIN, a “godmother” as they called her. (RELATED: Daryl Hall Slaps Restraining Order On John Oates In An Absolute Shocker Of A Legal Battle)

Because of that woman, cocaine flowed through the United States (with the operation being based in Miami) like water flows in the Amazon, and Blanco was ruthless while running her empire and pulling in all kinds of cash.

Like, we’re talking she had no care whatsoever about human life. Rumor has it, she would allegedly chop people up into little pieces and put them in boxes with a bow on it like a Christmas gift, according to the “Cocaine Cowboys” documentary. Hell, one of her nicknames was the “Black Widow” because she reportedly killed men who she slept with.

Well, her glorious story is being turned into a six-part Netflix series, with Vergara playing the former queen of the 305. Judging by the trailer and the chills that I got throughout, this is gonna end up being an absolute BANGER.


Damn, I love my city’s history. Shoutout to Miami, baby!