Britney Spears Supporters Ruthlessly Troll Her Father After Learning His Leg Was Amputated

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Britney Spears’ fans wasted no time trolling her father when they discovered his leg had to be amputated due to an infection.

Jamie Spears quickly became the target of many memes and jokes as Spears’ die-hard fans mocked his misery and suggested he was being punished for how he treated the star when he had control of her conservatorship. Fans ruthlessly made fun of Jamie’s missing leg and taunted him by saying his turn has come to suffer for what he did to Britney.

The media started buzzing with news of Jamie’s amputation, and just as quickly as the story spread, fans started dragging him on social media without any care or concern for his well-being.

“And Just Like That… After putting his daughter in a conservatorship against her will for 13 years, Jamie Spears it’s facing a leg amputation after leg infection. #JusticeForBritney,” one person wrote.

Another person posted a video clip of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” showing a prosthetic leg being angrily thrown in the middle of the floor during a fancy dinner event.

“The media: “Jamie Spears is dying” Britney:…” one user wrote alongside a video of people dancing happily in a celebratory fashion.

The ruthless trolling was plentiful and shameless, as fans stood by Britney in a show of solidarity and unwavering support.

Spears has not issued a public comment about the condition of her father’s health since news of the amputation was released. His leg was amputated last month after a battle with a serious infection.

Britney and Jamie have been estranged for several years, after a long and contentious battle over the conservatorship she was forced to live under.  (RELATED: REPORT: Britney Spears’ Dad Suffers Leg Amputation)

It remains unclear if they will make amends.