‘I Love Boeing’: Nikki Haley Forced To Go On Defense As Opponents Pounce On Corporate Ties

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley was forced to go on the defense after fellow presidential hopefuls pounced on her for her corporate ties in Wednesday night’s GOP primary debate.

Moderator Megyn Kelly noted that Haley has received a slew of endorsements from corporate executives, including JPMorgan Chase executives. She also noted that when Haley left office, she had $100,000, but current records indicate she is worth $8 million due to her corporate work.

Rival candidate Vivek Ramaswamy then called out Haley for suggesting social media users be forced to provide their identities in order to have accounts and alleged it was tied to her support from BlackRock. (RELATED: Dem Megadonor Linked To Jeffrey Epstein Gives $250,000 Donation To Nikki Haley Super PAC)

Haley acknowledged she served on the board of Boeing and said that the corporation was a “great partner” to her during her term as governor.

“I did serve on the board of Boeing. I did a lot of work with Boeing when I was governor, they were a great partner to me,” Haley said, adding when they decided they wanted a corporate bail out after the COVID-19 pandemic she stepped down.

“I love Boeing. They build good commercial airplanes. They build airplanes for our Air Force, I am proud of them they employ a lot of people in South Carolina. But that’s why I left Boeing, there’s nothing to what he’s saying and in terms of these donors that are supporting made they’re just jealous. They wish that they were supporting them, but I’m not going to sit there–”

DeSantis then jumped in to tout his fight against BlackRock over ESG.

“We know from her history, Nikki will cave to those big donors when it counts that is not acceptable.”

Ramaswamy then jumped in and said he fears that when Haley praised his book calling out ESG and woke corporations that Haley actually used it as a guide, rather than as a warning.