Fox Host Fights Back Laugh When Haley Claims She Doesn’t Know Pro-Biden Megadonor Who Poured Money Into Her Campaign

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News’ Steve Doocy fought back laughter when presidential hopeful Nikki Haley claimed she had no idea who the pro-Biden mega-donor who poured money into her campaign is.

During Wednesday’s debate, Haley was called out for her corporate ties, with the other candidates alleging Haley would be beholden to corporate interests. Haley denied having any corporate ties, but was again pressed on Thursday by Fox News’ Lawrence Jones.

“When business folks give money, they want something in return,” Jones said. “Put it to rest, when they come to you, what do you tell them?”

“When they come to me, they ask me what my views are … they know I’m tough on China, they saw the work I did as governor, they know what I did at the U.N… These fellas, they’d take every bit of that support if it was going to them,” Haley said. “They are just jealous that it is coming to me.”

Kilmeade later jumped in the conversation, asking Haley about a large donation she received from billionaire LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, who donated $250,000 to a super PAC supporting Haley. Hoffman is a Democrat who has actively supported President Joe Biden, according to The New York Times.

“In the big picture, you just got a huge boost, I think $250,000 from co-founder of LinkedIn, he wants Joe Biden, so he is trying to use his money to I guess raise you up, because maybe perhaps he thinks you are more beatable than Donald Trump. Is there part of you that does not want to accept that money?”

“I don’t know who that person is,” Haley said, prompting co-host Steve Doocy to visibly hold back laughter. (RELATED: ‘I Love Boeing’: Nikki Haley Forced To Go On Defense As Opponents Pounce On Corporate Ties)

“We have had 150,000+ votes that have come in from all 50 states, 95% of them are $200 or less. Anybody that wants to support us, we’re gonna take it,” Haley said. “I beat Joe Biden. You’ve got Donald Trump that’s head-to-head with Joe Biden on a good day, he might be up by 2 points. I beat Joe Biden by 10 to 13 points, this is about saving our country, this is about governorships up and down the ticket, this is about House seats, Senate seats, this is about winning again.”

Haley has received support from other corporate executives, including JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon who said that “even if you’re [a] very liberal Democrat, I urge you, you know, help Nikki Haley too …on the Republican side, that might be better than Trump.”

Other wealthy donors have expressed possibly donating to Haley, with Home Depot co-founder Kenneth Langone telling The Times that he is “very impressed” with Haley and that he thinks “she’s a viable candidate.”