Tucker Carlson Reveals The Only Presidential Endorsement That Matters

(Screenshot/Tucker Carlson on X)

Scoops Delacroix Freelance Writer
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The 2024 election is officially over. It’s done with. Finished. Put a fork in it, even if they stuff the ballots. The only man whose opinion really matters has made his endorsement, and whether you agree with it or not, his word is final.

As much as we like Daily Caller co-founder and Zynmaster extraordinaire Tucker Carlson around here, he is not the man this columnist is referring to. Rather, it’s the man he sat down with for an interview earlier this week: the gripper, the ripper, Big John Daly.

Daly revealed in an all-new episode of The Tucker Carlson Encounter that he believes former President Donald Trump is the man for the job.

“Where’s common sense in our country?” Daly said to Carlson, who then asked if he has a majority political view amongst professional golfers. “I think all of us on the tours and everything, we all want daddy Trump back.”

Daly went on to describe his personal experiences with Trump, calling him a great friend, golfer and president. However, the reason Daly’s endorsement will cement the 2024 election aren’t his descriptors of Trump, but his demonstrated expertise in all things America. (RELATED: America Needs More Drunk MAGA Uncles Who Fire Off Racy Jokes)

In many ways, Long John is the ultimate mascot for America. Move over Uncle Sam and George Washington. Daly is a good old boy from Arkansas who went from not having “a pot to piss in” growing up to becoming an American icon. He loves beers and Marlboros and big Hooters. The girls over at Hooters even have a hot dog on the menu aptly named the “Big John Dog.” There’s nothing more American than that. (RELATED: ‘We All Want Daddy Trump Back’: John Daly Reveals The Quiet Truth About Pro Golfers To Tucker)

Any man who can compete in a professional sport while smoking darts and letting expletives fly is a true everyman with his finger on the pulse of what regular people want and care about.

Just look at what he showed up to this interview with: on the table between Carlson and Daly are some of his company’s Vodka beverages, cigarettes, Diet Cokes, lighters, cigars and Peanut M&Ms. Any proud American should want to be buried with such a bounty of goods.

The interview was just a gift that kept on giving. Not only did Daly reveal his preference in the 2024 election, but he lamented that he didn’t go pro in football because he didn’t like running, outed Bill Clinton as a cheater at golf and a bad one at that and even started smoking a dart live on-air. It was a masterclass in broadcast performance, and you need to watch it right now.