Penile Fractures Spike During The Christmas Season, Study Finds

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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We’re all about a holiday romp, but studies suggest men should be extra careful with their penises during this time of year.

Dr. Nikolaos Pyrgides, a urologist at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, said the increase of penile injury is greatly increased during the festive season, according to The Guardian. “This injury tends to occur during wild sex – particularly in positions where you’re not in direct eye contact [with your partner], such as the reverse cowgirl,” he told the outlet.

If you’re planning on celebrating under the sheets over the holidays, studies suggest you do so as carefully as possible, the outlet reported. Wild sex is fun, but it can reportedly be dangerous to the penis, and injury could occur.

The study showed penile fractures are a true medical emergency that result in a snap of the penis due to its bending during vigorous sexual intercourse, according to The Guardian.

The outlet reported a hearable crack can be heard, and went on to say a period of extreme pain, swelling and bruising soon follow.

“When [patients] present to their doctor their penis often looks like an eggplant,” Pyrgides said, the outlet reported.

The study reportedly assessed the hospital data of 3,421 men who suffered penile fractures in Germany between 2005 and 2021, and the spike in such penis injuries over the Christmas season was reportedly undeniable.

“If every day was like Christmas, 43% more penile fractures would have occurred in Germany from 2005 on,” Pyrgides said, according to the outlet.

The findings were published in the British Journal of Urology International, and also reported a correlation between higher risks on the weekends and over the summer holidays, according to The Guardian.(RELATED: Chelsea Handler Slams Prince Harry For Oversharing With An On-Stage Penis Joke)

Making matters worse was reportedly the fact the painful injury seemed to be accompanied by some precarious circumstances.

“Most penile fractures occur in unconventional scenarios, such as during extramarital affairs or when sex is performed in unusual locations,” Pyrgides said.

The message is clear — make sure the season is jolly — just don’t get to crazy out there, folks!