Joe Rogan And Taylor Sheridan Bro Out On How Big Archaeology Is Hiding Our History, And It Spells Doom


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“Yellowstone” co-creator Taylor Sheridan bro’d out so hard over ancient history during a Thursday interview with Joe Rogan.

What do you get when you cross Taylor Sheridan with the lies of Big Archaeology? You get a freaking awesome episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” and a very, very happy Kay Smythe. Over the course of a three-and-a-half-hour conversation, Sheridan covered everything from his incredible work in entertainment to his perspective on football, politics and diets … but he also called out Big Archaeology for continuing to push the Clovis-first model of human development. (RELATED: Mystery Surrounds Sudden Firing Of Notable Archaeologist. What Was He Digging Up?)

Clovis-first is a lie told by mainstream corporate archaeological organizations (schools, museums, etc) about the origins of human development. It says that humans only came to America around 13,000 years ago, and we only modernized as a species from here. Not only is this a totally disproven concept, but it also negates the growing evidence that ancient American cultures were far, far more developed technologically than maybe even today.

“You know, when you look back at all the civilizations that have existed, that have risen and fallen … and the idea that that’s happening to America now, like this is what’s happened on this continent over the last 400 years is one of the most insane stories in all of history,” Rogan noted while discussing Sheridan’s hit series “1883.” (RELATED: Hey America, Your History Just Changed Forever)

He noted how great empires like the Portuguese, British, Mongols and Vikings ruled huge swaths of the world for a long time. They don’t anymore, so why should Americans think their place as a first-world nation will last? The Native American populations ruled the continent for 20,000 years, “maybe longer,” Sheridan noted. But their empire collapsed within a hundred or so years of Europeans landing on U.S. shores.

But Big Archaeology still won’t admit any ancient cultures developed to a comparable technological feat. In doing so, they mitigate the gathering of data showing how empires collapse. Without these data, we are doomed to repeat the violence and failures of our ancestors. (RELATED: Stop Thinking We’re Safe. This Is How Easy It Is For Nations And Civilizations To Fail)

“I could go on a sidebar with these archaeologists. When they find something that’s the oldest, they will defend it to the death. They do not want anything older to be found,” Sheridan said, correctly (I’m looking at you, Society for American Archaeology).

Rogan noted how the same misinformation campaign is being spread throughout the world of archaeology, citing examples of scientists allegedly shutting down the exploration of pyramids across Europe and other parts of the world. You really have to listen to the full clip (above) to get your head around just how extensive the misinformation campaign by Big Archaeology is when it comes to telling the truth about human history.

Let’s hope this sudden revelation that Sheridan is clearly knowledgeable on ancient human history, and is suspicious of the behavior of industry archaeologists, leads to a whole creative project built around that theme.

Graham Hancock’s “Ancient Apocalypse”-meets-“Yellowstone”-meets-“Tulsa King??” If/when this happens, I’ll assume I’ve died and gone to Heaven. But then again, maybe we all will before this show happens … just because Big Archaeology is doing such a great job of hiding the truth of our past, we’re probably going to repeat it.