Pro-Palestine Heckler Tries Interrupting Event In Texas — Instant Karma Ensues


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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A pro-Palestine heckler was treated to a rude awakening while trying to interrupt a speech by Texas Governor Greg Abbott in Collin County, Texas Saturday, according to online reports.

Video shows the disgruntled youngster interrupt Governor Abbott‘s speech, but he was quickly drowned out by the crowd’s booing. The crowd then begins to manhandle him and he can be heard yelling “don’t fucking touch me!” The crowd continues to bash and yank at him, quickly shoving him out of the event. Multiple attendees wearing cowboy hats can be seen removing him from the building.

The protester was disrupting a campaign event for Abbott‘s re-election campaign in, according to Trending Politics’ Collin Rugg. (RELATED: ‘I Have A Daughter In Brooklyn!’: Video Shows Motorist Absolutely Losing It On Pro-Palestine Traffic Blockers)

It occurred on the same day that pro-Palestine protesters marched on the White House, according to Rugg.

While the New York Post reported that there were no arrests made in D.C., clearly the good folks in Texas were less willing to put up with the disruptions. You know what they say, sometimes when you mess with Texas, Texas messes back.