Daily Caller Reporter Mary Rooke Details Biden Admin’s ‘False’ Border Narrative, Says Agents Are ‘Fed Up’ With Crisis

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Daily Caller columnist Mary Rooke called out the Biden Administration on Friday for feeding their “false” border narrative to the American people, saying agents are “fed up” with the crisis in an appearance on the “Rod Arquette Show.” 

Rooke appeared on the the iHeart podcast show to discuss the ongoing crisis at the southern border. Radio host Rod Arquette questioned the columnist on the “false narratives” being fed to the American people by the Biden Administration, asking Rooke her thoughts on the situation. 

Rooke sounded off by calling out the infamous viral picture that circulated online, in which a reporter alleged border patrol agents had whipped migrants who were attempting to cross the Rio Grande river. While DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and President Joe Biden had both condemned the alleged actions, it was later confirmed that the allegations were false, forcing officials to redact their statements on the incident. (RELATED: ROOKE: When Will The Media’s Favorite Conspiracy Theories Stop Falling Apart?)

“Whenever you have the president of the United States, standing in front of the press and saying, ‘We can’t have people treated like this, horses are running over people and, you have whips out, and we’re to investigate these people, and there will be consequences.’ When you hear things like that, you think, ‘Okay, great, we don’t want, you know, people to be whipped at the border,’” Rooke stated. 

“But when you find out that these stories are false — how can you honestly believe the federal government, who is willing to lie about its own agents in that way? We have men and women at our U.S. border fighting to try and keep a semblance of safety down there and, and they’re being pushed beyond their limits. We have a really great reporter, Jennie Taer, who is on the border frequently, and talks to the border patrol agents frequently. And they are fed up and they’re maxed out,” Rooke continued.

Rooke continued to say if the American people are being led into an “emotional response” then open border policies will continue. However, the columnist highlighted a slew of incidents that have happened since a record number of migrants have crossed into the U.S., emphasizing that the narrative of “families just looking for a better life” is false. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Venezuelan Gang Member Accused Of Kidnapping, Strangling Florida Man To Death Was In US Illegally)

“And they continue to do that to the American people because, it pushes the boundaries of eliciting that emotional response. If you can get a massive group of people to believe that you hold the high — the moral high ground on a subject, then you can control what policies that they’ll support. And if they believe that the federal government, or that these agents, are acting harshly … then, of course, you’re gonna have a large group of people going, ‘Oh we can’t be doing that. Just let them [cross] and we’ll, we’ll handle all of the paperwork and all that stuff once they come over here.’ But we see what happens — there’s years long wait period,” Rooke stated. 

“They come into the country and then they’ll have to wait two to three years before they get into the court system to, to decide their asylum claims? What’s happening in [those] two to three years? Well, we’re seeing it. Yesterday, we found out that one illegal immigrant — sexually abused an autistic 20-year-old girl. Another illegal immigrant in the news today was able to fraudulently take over 100,000 dollars from an elderly woman,” Rooke added. 

Tammy Nobles, the mother of an autistic 20-year-old woman, testified to Congress last March to give a warning to lawmakers about the southern border crisis, following the brutal death of her daughter. Nobles  said her daughter, Kayla Hamilton, had been allegedly strangled and sexually assaulted by a 16-year-old illegal immigrant from El Salvador allegedly affiliated with a gang in July 2022.

Additionally, an Indian man who had allegedly defrauded an American elderly woman of $100,000 had entered the country illegally in 2019 and was later placed on parole in 2020 after U.S. Customs and Border Protection caught him, the agency told the Daily Caller News Foundation. The man was charged with grand theft, conspiracy to commit a felony, and aiding, abetting, or advising grand theft, Fox KEVN reported.

“We know that the narrative that it’s just ‘families looking for a better life’ is false, and that, because we can see the pictures and the videos of military aged men with minor, young, young children coming across the border. That’s not families looking for a better life. This is human trafficking in real time,” Rooke stated.

The southern border has hit record numbers of migrants crossing since the Biden Administration has been in control, with many House GOP members concerned over the issue. Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson halted Ukraine spending late last year, saying GOP House members would not agree to additional foreign funding unless the border was secured.