What The Hell Is This? Bizarre Object (Potential UFO) Seen Flaming In The Sky In Charlotte, North Carolina

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @Worldwar_3_]

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This is a case for Courage the Cowardly Dog …

I don’t know if you guys remember that classic cartoon (my kids were watching it the other day), but if you don’t, it’s about a little purple dog who is always scared and always having to deal with some weird ish — like alien chickens, for example. (RELATED: Video Shows Utterly Bizarre ‘Jellyfish’ UFO And It’s One Of The Freakiest Things You’ll Ever See)

I bring up Courage because he’d be perfect for what the hell was seen in Charlotte, North Carolina recently, as an object that was both fiery and triangular was seen gliding through the sky and caught on a video posted on Twitter. And understandably, it has a lot of people outright confused and trying to figure out what it was, with most thinking it was a UFO.

“Y’all seeing what I’m seeing flying in the sky? What in the world is going on? Bruh, I don’t know what that is,” says the man recording.

An intriguing sight, for sure.

I can understand why people think this is a UFO sighting, but to me, the object appears to be more man-made than anything. But at the same time, we’ve all heard the stories about crashed UFOs. Maybe this is one of them?

Like I said, man, this is a case for Courage.

They really did have some strange stuff on that show.

But yeah, let’s see what Courage has to say about this UFO sighting — if it is a UFO — I don’t know what the hell it is.