REPORT: Squatters Turn $4.6 Million Mansion Into Party House In Perfect Example Of Social Decline


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A group of squatters have apparently taken over a $4.6 million mansion in Beverly Hills and turned it into a den of sin and despair, witnesses reportedly said Tuesday.

Neighbors of the nightmare claim the squatters took over the property a few months ago, throwing wild parties, popular enough that they can charge admissions, ABC7 reported.

“It isn’t like people are showing up at 8 or 9 at night, they’re showing up at 2 in the morning with loud cars, motorcycles, Ubers, they’re parking everywhere, they block the streets,” one neighbor told the outlet. “Where we live up here, there’s small one-lane roads.”

It sounds similar to experiences shared by Manhattan residents, such as Lady Gaga’s father, who are dealing with all-night parties throughout the city thanks to the total eradication of proper law enforcement — a popular trend in most Democrat-run U.S. cities. But this party in Beverly Hills sounds like it’s taking things to a whole new level.

“There’s a roaming pit bull with children around. There are people drunk and stoned, wobbling, walking in and out, and then driving the canyons. Does someone need to be killed before the police will do something?” another neighbor, Fran Solomon, told ABC7.

The Los Angeles Police Department has shown up at the home numerous times, but there are significant ownership issues that are apparently limited any real action being taken. The home was owned by doctor Munir Uwaydah, who fled the U.S. after being linked to the murder of model Julianna Redding, as well as an insurance fraud scheme. His company is listed as the property owner, but it filed for bankruptcy in 2023. (RELATED: ‘People Be Dying’: Actor Adam DeVine Describes Alleged Murder Outside His Home)

The home is currently for sale, but who the heck would want to buy it? The person squatting in the property managed to get a driver’s license with the address on it, making things that much more complicated. “They claim that they had a showing and that they were able to sign a lease for a year for $25,000, which, on its face, is just ridiculous. You don’t rent that kind of house for that … It should be $25,000 a month. We actually got a copy of the lease, and the names on the lease are fictitious. Email addresses don’t exist. Phones disconnected,” Solomon continued.

Solomon rents out one of the neighboring properties. She claims that tenant has hired private security for their family as a result of the ongoing hellscape growing next door. (RELATED: ‘What How Bad It Gets’: 50 Cent Says Los Angeles Is ‘Finished’ Over No-Bail Policies)

While major house parties in Los Angeles are not uncommon, this whole thing sounds like peak social decline. The squatters allegedly claimed they raised money for the victims of the Hamas terror attacks Oct. 7, yet left their sidewalks littered with sex and drug paraphernalia.

It is tragic to think that in this day and age, a group of grown adults are comfortable living for free in a property they’re destroying, surrounded by neighbors who hate them. You have to have something wrong in your head to treat yourself so poorly and to be so brazen about the hurt you cause others. I hope everyone in this property gets the help they deserve and the neighbors get the peace that is so rightfully theirs.

Some of those neighbors are apparently pretty famous, including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, comedic creator Seth MacFarlane and that awful woman Chrissy Teigen, the New York Post reported, (so it can’t be that nice of a neighborhood). No wonder everyone hates California.