Abandoned Pets From Migrants Create New Crisis: REPORT

(Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)

Thomas McGiffin Contributor
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A crisis is emerging at the U.S. southern border as large numbers of migrants’ abandoned dogs are forced to fend for themselves as strays, according to a report from the New York Post (NYP).

Migrants entering the U.S. often bring their dogs with them on their journey, but upon entering the U.S. they abandon their pets due to the regulations and required documentation regarding their entry into the country, the outlet reported. The CDC requires that pets entering the U.S. that have passed through countries at high risk for rabies over the previous half-year have a scannable microchip and rabies vaccination, or they are liable to be sent back to their country of departure at the owner’s expense. Dogs that do not meet this criteria still require a statement about the previous half-year’s travel and must have a “healthy appearance.”

Dogs are not allowed into federal processing centers, prompting many to be abandoned by their owners at the southern border, according to the NYP. (RELATED: There’s A Major Hole In The Senate Border Deal’s Wall Plans)

The problem continues to propagate as the former-pets-turned-strays breed, creating new litters and exacerbating the situation, the NYP reported. Most of the dogs wandering the wilderness were starved, and some appeared to be injured as they struggled to survive in the arid conditions at the southern border, according to the outlet.

The quantity of these forlorn canines currently exceeds the capacity of local animal shelters and rescue groups’ abilities to cope with the crisis, although efforts are underway to reunite these pets with their owners, the NYP reported.

“The conditions are heartbreaking,” John Rouke, who has organized retrievals of animals in the southern border area, reportedly stated.

As hundreds-of-thousands of migrants continue to enter into the U.S. monthly, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection Data, this crisis seems likely to worsen as more dogs are taken into the country and subsequently abandoned.